So This Love Thing

So.....this Love thing?

So, this Love thing.......................
If I choose to love myself then I will willingly take responsibility for my actions for I am awake and living my own life. My heart is connected and warm life giving blood is coursing through my body. My mind is active and my limbs have a fluidity of movement.
I will connect with you and know you are love too.
I laugh, I smile, I love, I connect, I see me, I see you, I love you, I love me.
Say those words out loud. Feel their power, their restorative nature.
The truth is that we were born that way.

Irrespective of how our minds have corrupted these feelings, they are still our fundamental default.

We may be scared of connecting with these feelings.....WHY?

Because somewhere, somehow we have learned  a belief that it is not true.

IN TRUTH we are not lovable,  not good enough, not wanted,

Whose truth is that? Where did we learn that?

We learnt this quite possible at our conception and there have been messages right through our lives to keep us from experiencing and connecting with our true essence.

We have been literally brainwashed into believing that the world is a scary place. That to love is to get hurt. To fear is the safest place. Stay locked away and disconnected both from self and others.

The famous warlords knew that to divide or disconnect was the way to conquer and society continues this plan. Whilst we fear life the we will not question the truth of it. We will do as we are told and never shake the tree.

To find love for ourselves and ultimately to remember that as we are all love then there is not space for fear in this physical world.

Courage is required to break the stranglehold of fear. Risk being a fool for Risk being all that we can be.

We are not well served by small minded fearful beliefs.

What right have we to deny who we truly are?

It is time to take full responsibility for all our actions, responses and thoughts.

I Love You