The power of silence

The power of silence

How often do we take the time to be in silence?
For many people of all ages and other differences the mere thought of silence is too much. Too overwhelming to contemplate.
What is it within silence that creates such fear?
Without external interference then we have no choice but to listen to ourselves. To have to pay attention to all our insecurities, fears, feelings and emotions. The 'noise' of our internal landscape can be deafening.
Far better to be busy in our heads listening or doing than feeling exposed and vulnerable to how we feel about ourselves.

This disconnection from our heart  feels safer and yet it is slowly killing us.

I love spending time with myself. In my role as a gardener I get many chances on most days to be with myself and to hear and check out how I am. Some days I have my radio on and on those days I know that I am wanting distraction from my feelings including my feelings of loneliness, for gardening can be a solitary occupation.

Any time I use electronic media then I know I am avoiding something internal. I don't give myself a hard time about this but the awareness helps me to make sense of what is going on.

When I am fully in the moment, then I have no need of extractions, for connection to what I am doing is enough. I have no wish to have my attention anywhere but what I am doing. Being in the now takes practice for it can be exhausting until it becomes my default. If I need alternative distraction then I am disconnecting from nowness.

A friend gave me a you tube connection to a man called Braco. He is a beautiful person who has a gaze which can touch a persons heart and make it seem like anything is possible.

I believe that when we are able to fully be present all the time then we all have the power to offer this to each other and ourselves.
In connection we rock, and that is with internal music. The joy of living.