I  now offer Supervision (Certificate in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy Supervision). 

The model of Supervision in which I work is 'The Seven-eyed Model of Supervision' (Hawkins and Shohet) at Macclesfield Counselling and Training Centre.

As the word suggests this is Super Vision. A chance to view a counsellor's work from an alternative perspective. 

Counsellors and Life Coaches are duty bound to have supervision to meet the terms of their regulatory body. There may well be a minimum number of hours of supervision per month in order to practice.

Supervision allows practitioners to look at how they work with their clients, it allows the opportunity for reflection and analysis. 

Checking to see how the work impacts on the counsellor as well as the client. This may at times mean that the sessions become part therapy as well as supervision. 

The Supervisor will always keep the client at the centre of these sessions, checking that the practitioner is working safely, ethically and morally.  

Richard (David) Goodall


for a


15 Minute


Mobile; 07897 232 920

email; drg456@wildmantalking .com


To Counsellors, Counsellors in training, Life Coaches, Social workers and any other practitioner working with clients on an emotional level.

Sessions are a minimum of an hour

Sessions are £50 per hour

I work in the Belper area and I am happy to travel when necessary.

I also offer zoom sessions or telephone work.