Life Coaching: The Power of Clearing

The Power of Clearing is a tool to assist clearing old beliefs about ourselves.

Past childhood traumas and misconceptions become our beliefs. These beliefs have shaped our lives since childhood and control all our actions and thoughts to this day. They impact on our relationship with our self and also with every relationship in our life.

This tool is a very simple one and yet the results can be profound. 

You have the power to change your life, to find your joy and release your fears. It is our fears which prevent us from moving forward.

Be the person you have always known you are. Get the job you want. Create the life you deserve.

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'It has been my pleasure to have Richard work with me on clearing

I have been able to connect with issues and ideas that I was just carrying around for years.

Richard is very professional and helped me to get to 'the nitty-gritty' in our clearing session.

I deeply appreciate your help and insight'

Mark. Washington WA. USA

Sandy Levey-Lunden has created this Power of Clearing tool after many years in the field of psychotherapy and personal development.

"When we don't deal with the trauma left behind from abuse and misperceptions, we live in a cloud of fear, guilt and negativity," Levey-Lunden adds. "That guilt and fear cements repeated patterns of behaviour, which perpetuates an increasing downward cycle of poor health, failed relationships and negative thinking." Sandy Levey-Lunden.